4 Ways To Create A Winter Dinner Vibe At Home

This winter, take the party outside! Bundle up. Build a crackling bonfire. Play winter games. Serve warm-you-up foods. Let the beauty of fresh cold weather take centre stage. Relishing scrumptious meals demands a nice seating area surrounded by stimulating aesthetics. Hot meals surrounded by family members do promise good times on the dining table.

Creating our own fine – dining space is not that hard. Something is alluring about these cozy and pretty spaces, which goes way beyond just stepping out to eat.

Anand Baldawa, CEO, thinKitchen shares some tips on how to bring that outdoor vibe into your dining room:

Design theme

Instagram has influenced behavioural changes about how we meet, eat and every other fun indulging activity. Nowadays, clicking and posting a picture of food or table décor has turned into a custom. So, topical table setting becomes important to create an outstanding look for themes such as–formal gathering, tea party – a blue and white theme for tea party will bring sophistication and refinement that is sure to impress. Mix and match Monno’s simple yet elegant neutral tea cups along with Burleigh’s vibrant coloured, quintessential English designs for the perfect high tea setting.

Statement centerpieces

Insert a bold pop of texture or colour to your table by adding statement centerpieces. Often, vases are admired for holding flowers. But a statement vase is a standalone piece of art that can perk up your interiors. Style a pair of chic candelabras for that classy vintage look or combine candles and florals to give your table a very romantic and tender look.

Fun and floral dinnerware

Skip using the same old–fashioned dinnerware at the table. Much like the season, bright and vibrant colours can change the entire vibe of the place. How about choosing fun and floral-patterned or coloured plates and serving bowls to match the vibe?

A relaxed pattern looks beautiful in a garden setting. Bring that quintessential country charm to your home. Set the table with those awe-inspiring centerpieces like beautiful flower arrangements. Choose tasteful table decor pieces like a golden candlelight, or stylish champagne coolers for winter soirees.

Outdoor Hot Drinks Cart

Prepare your favourite hot chocolate with marshmallows, some cookies and indulge. With an outdoor bar table setting, one can curate an ideal space to sit down and enjoy that quintessential warm drink while relaxing and enjoying the bonfire.

Your dining space is all about innovation, similar to your kitchen, so never stop experimenting.