Humanity Is Not Sustainable, Says Fashion Designer Rajesh Pratap Singh

Rajesh Pratap Singh is a man of few words, but lets his clothes do all the talking. In a world of social media, the fashion designer prefers communicating in his own unique way. In love with making clothes and expressing through it, Rajesh’s ensembles have always been an extension of his personality.

In a world where reels make headlines, Rajesh prefers to keep it real with his communication. Even though the ace designer isn’t active on social media, his collections resonate with all generations. When asked about the influx of social media and how he feels about the platform, Rajesh says, “I don’t know, I don’t understand, I don’t care.”

Even though he loves technology, Rajesh feels that though he understands democratic expression, there are ill-informed opinion makers who are influencing masses on social media and that can be dangerous. “I love technology. I love the fact that you can communicate with people through it. I understand democratic expression, but opinion makers have to be people who are well informed themselves. Maybe I am too old to change. But if the opinion makers are not well informed then the mass opinion we are making, is a disaster,” adds Rajesh.

He further adds, “If anybody who knows nothing can say something, and make an opinion and influence people then I think there is something seriously wrong. If a person is aware, great, but if a person doesn’t understand a thing and is influencing the masses, then the masses are ill-educated.

Rajesh who was part of the season fluid Lakme Absolute Grand Finale in Mumbai, presented an out of the box showcase. When asked what he felt about returning to a physical format fashion show after digital showcases, Rajesh said, “I quite liked the digital showcases. There were a lot of nice virtues of digital showcases so we should incorporate both. The whole digital [scene] blew up because of where we were [pandemic]. There are so many learnings and there are so many things we can do, from one place.”

Sustainability is a burning issue when it comes to fashion. When asked what he thinks about sustainability, Rajesh says, “Humanity is not sustainable, the way we are right now. I think India is probably more sustainable than other countries but that is an argument, it is a bigger issue. Sustainability means a lot of things and I know it is a burning issue. I try everyday, I fail everyday but I am still trying [to be sustainable]. In the mid-90s we all thought natural fabrics are sustainable and now we know that they are not sustainable. So, what is sustainable? To me it is the timelessness of clothing.”