Loose goat wrangled after several failed attempts in Nebraska

Animal control officers in Nebraska said a goat was finally corralled after evading capture on multiple occasions for nearly three weeks.

Lincoln Animal Control said calls started coming in about a brown-and-white goat on the loose Nov. 8, and officers were able to make visual contact with the goat multiple times, including one time when the animal had climbed onto the girders beneath a bridge.

“We’ve been working to get it secured. But they’re difficult to catch because they have four legs and we only have two — so they’re a lot faster than us,” Animal Control officer Nick Finelli told the Lincoln Journal Star.

Animal control posted a video to Facebook showing the brown-and-white goat finally being wrangled by a group of four officers.

“We kind of moved in on his territory, so he didn’t have anywhere to go because the building was to his back,” Finelli said. “And then we were able to secure him.”

The goat is now being cared for at the Capital Humane Society while officials try to identify the animal’s owner.

Animal control said a white goat was previously seen hanging out near Shoemaker’s truck stop and Interstate 80 from August to early November, but the animal has since vanished.